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For future reference.

Thank you.

For those who would ever need it. -C

reblogging here because i can see this being relevant to anyone who’s ever tried to get out of an abusive relationship

Reblogging because that last comment made me reread the whole thing in a new light and realize this could be vital information. So, putting it out there for everyone, and hoping no one ever really needs it.

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The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that we as people label others who are "different" its stupid honestly. I see preps at school glaring at the scene kids and hear punk kids talking shit about jocks its like a vicious circle of hate that surrounds the school. Then we have the shy kids that struggle to make friends, sometimes having to sit alone at lunch. Yes I know its high school and there's nothing we can really do about it but were all in the same boat here. All of us are just trying their best to survive the harsh years of high school. I'm not one to hate on someone who dresses different than others around me. I do hate on the ones who make fun of people for no apparent reason at all. Its amazing the things you'll find out about someone if you just take the time to get to know them. instead of bashing on them, saying their fat and ugly or emo or fag. Honestly it pisses me off so much when people talk shit about others like that you have no idea what they're going through shit they could be losing a family member or close friend. That is why I do my best to talk to people around me and treat people equally. Some people need to learn respect and realize these so called "labels" don't even exist in the real world.


when you’re Justin Bieber and you have a pancake as a dick













Wait, wait, wait, I have an amazing new idea. How about we fix the American school system.

You can’t fix a horse with a broken leg. It’s dead, Jim.

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